Personal Track Safety & DC Conductor Rails - Recertification

Course Aims

This course is intended for candidates who wish to continue working on or near the line on Network Rail’s infrastructure and wish to be re-certificated.

Who Is The Course Suitable For?

Existing PTS holders who also hold DCCR certification

Price: 130.00
Duration: 1 day
Certification: Sentinel
Maximum candidates: 12

Course Objectives

The refresher course is aimed at existing PTS & DCCR holders and will consist of a reassessment of knowledge in relation to Personal Safety on or near the line.

Upon successful completion of the course, the candidates will have the skills and knowledge and understand the behaviours required to work safely near or adjacent to DC conductor rails.

They will be able to describe the principles of the DC electrified system, identify the main components of the DC system and the hazards and risks associated with working DC conductor rail areas.

Available Dates:

Showing 2 dates

* Excludes VAT which will be charged at standard rate

5th August

£130.00 / person*

QTS Scottish Training Centre
1 Day(s)
5 places available
8th August

£130.00 / person*

QTS Nottingham (English HQ)
1 Day(s)
2 places available


For group bookings call: 01357 440222 *mandatory information